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"The Eve (2)" is episode 52 of the Berserk manga series.


Rickert wanders through the camp, wondering if the Band of the Falcon members all managed to escape the raid. Suddenly, he sees one of them, only the man is hanging upside-down, and with effort he pleads for Rickert to run. From behind the man, an enormous, slug-like monster appears, and begins to surround the terrified Rickert with its considerable girth.


The Skull Knight appears to drive away the monsters.

Rickert's legs do not move, and with his injured arm he cannot defend himself. From behind him, yet more monsters, each its own variety of shape and size, show themselves. From above, standing on a thick tree branch, is the creature Rickert mistook for an elf. As the creatures advance on Rickert, the Skull Knight appears, seemingly from nowhere, directly behind him.

The Skull Knight orders the monsters to leave. He brandishes his sword in the slug monster's direction. After a moment, the monsters all leave together. Finally finding his voice, Rickert uses it to scream at the absurdity of the events that are transpiring. He searches the darkness for the mercenaries, and finds them all dead and piled up. He screams once again, and is left alone by the Skull Knight, whose horse seems to fly through the air, away from the scene.


  1. Rickert
  2. Count
  3. Rosine
  4. Skull Knight