"Wound (1)" is episode 46 of the Berserk manga.

Synopsis Edit

Guts and Casca have moved away from the cliff to a nearby tree, the roots of which are cushioned with moss. Both are naked, and Guts is positioned above Casca. He notices her trembling, and she fears that by sacrificing herself to Guts, her devotion to Griffith will vanish.

Guts looks down her body and notices the scars caused by the puncture wounds she received when the Falcons were attacked by Midland's forces. She covers her body, worried that he won't like her as a woman due to them. Guts reassures her, and he says that while she may have felt like dying many times over the past year, she now has the opportunity to feel alive. He pulls her into a hug, and Casca decides that she really does love Guts, regardless of the feelings she once had for Griffith.

They begin having sex. Due to both of their inexperience, Casca mostly remains silent, letting Guts do as he pleases. Due to this, he doesn't realize how roughly he's treating her, and does not notice the blood streaming from between her legs.  When Casca begins to cry out, Guts suddenly has visions of his younger self being taken advantage of by Donovan. He moves away from Casca, who asks him what's wrong. Guts doesn't speak. Rather, he stretches his hands out and wraps them around what he perceives to be his younger self's neck. In reality, the neck he's grasping onto is Casca's.

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