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"Confession" is episode 45 of the Berserk manga series.



The point of Casca's sword is driven into Guts.

Alone together, Casca tells Guts to draw his sword. He successfully blocks her quick strike, but remains confused as to why she's attacking him. Instead of completely drawing his sword, he keeps it sheathed across his back and only uses the exposed parts of the blade to block. Her barrage of attacks tells him that she really means to hurt, or kill him.


Guts narrowly prevents Casca's suicide.

Eventually, Guts takes advantage of her reckless attacks, sticks his foot out and trips her. As she slowly gets up, she says that she blames Guts for Griffith's situation and the slaughter of the Band of the Falcon. She charges again, screaming that Guts' departure from the band caused its downfall, but Guts catches her hand, thinking that she is not in her right mind for blaming him for something he had no part in doing. He suddenly realizes that she may be right, and is startled when she flicks her sword up at his nose.

They continue fighting, Casca yelling about how Guts became Griffith's reason for perseverance, and when he left, Griffith lost all support. She exclaims that Griffith cannot achieve his dream without him. This takes him aback, recalling Griffith's slouched position after beating him in their fight outside Wyndham. At the same time, Casca's sword goes through the plates of his armor and gives him a shallow wound.

Guts grabs the blade bare-handed, pulls it from the wound, and says that he acted the same way Griffith would have by leaving to find his dream. He squeezes the blade of Casca's sword so hard his hand bleeds, and despite her pleas, he doesn't let go, so she yanks it away before he does more harm to himself.

She tells Guts that she was bluffing when she'd told him that she wanted to be Griffith's sword. Instead, she admits how she loved Griffith and was bitter regarding how likely it would be for Charlotte and Griffith to marry due to it being the fastest shortcut to the achievement of his dream. Coming to terms with the fact that she has no place beside Griffith even as something indispensable to the realization of Griffith's dream, Casca asks Guts to take over the protection of the Band of the Falcon. She leans over the edge of the cliff on which they're standing, intending to throw herself into the falls below.

Guts reacts quickly enough to grab her hand and, with effort, pull her back up, but his injured hand bleeds as he does so. He throws her away from the edge of the cliff to safety, and when she gets up, she is in tears, miserable about how Guts always seems to get injured when it comes to her. She sinks into his chest, sobbing.


Guts and Casca kiss beneath the waterfall.

Guts gives her a reassuring kiss on the head. To his surprise, Casca tilts her head back, and their lips meet as they embrace before the waterfall.


  1. Casca
  2. Guts
  3. Griffith (flashback)