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"Comrades in Arms" is episode 44 of the Berserk manga series.


After he shares a tense moment with Casca, the Band of the Falcon members all swarm to Guts, overjoyed that he's returned. Their reunion is cut short by Casca, who orders the mercenaries to move their camp now that Silat and his men know where it is.

After finding a new campground, the mercenaries explain to Guts that, a day after he left, a depressed Griffith was captured and the band became a wanted band of thieves, their numbers dwindling to less than a fifth. They also mention how, after leading them out of the trap set by Midland, Casca was made the de facto leader, and conclude with the information that Griffith's location has been discovered, and that they plan to rescue him.

Guts comments that it's a good thing how the place he has come back to is still familiar. Guts hadn't heard of their issues due to his seclusion while training in the mountains. When questioned by Judeau, Guts replies that, for him, he found out that nothing but wielding the sword feels true.

Guts is brought up to speed even more on their predicament. According to Judeau, the injuries Casca suffered against the Midland cavalry sent her into a three day coma, during which she called out to both Griffith and Guts.


Guts and Casca's first private moment since his return.

Later, after Casca finishes with her duties in the camp, she finds Guts and asks him to follow her to a secluded area, before a waterfall.


  1. Casca
  2. Guts
  3. Judeau
  4. Pippin
  5. Rickert
  6. Corkus
  7. Gaston
  8. Griffith (flashback)