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"Fighter" is episode 43 of the Berserk manga series.



Guts intercepts Silat's chakram at the last moment.

Guts' return immediately improves the Band of the Falcon's morale. He tells Casca that he wants to face Silat alone, and she complies, running away. Silat, now knowing Guts' identity as the hundred-man slayer, understands why he was so hard to beat in the combat tournament earlier. He extracts two more razor-rings, called chakram, from his spaulders and launches them in the air. They fly at Guts from different directions in a pincer movement, but Guts extends one finger, and raises the hilt of his sword, catching the rings from the air.

Silat decides to use his ultimate weapons, urumi, which are swords that have many paper-thin, flexible blades that extend several feet like ribbons. His first strike is dodged by Guts, who receives a cut on the cheek. Guts manages to dodge the urumi for a while, but stops when one of Silat's men is caught in the whipping of the blades. Guts assumes a two-handed stance, similar to the one he used against Zodd, and waits.


Guts sends the urumi off-course.

Silat, not knowing what Guts is planning, creates a whirlwind of blades and throws them all at Guts. The latter swings his sword upward before the urumi make contact; the resulting air pressure sends them off course. Guts charges through the ribbon-blades at Silat, who is able to switch weapons quickly enough to block Guts' strike. The impact shatters Silat's weapons, however, and knocks his turban off his head. His soldiers have decided to retreat, and an umasked Silat goes with them, but not before memorizing Guts' name and swearing that they will cross paths again.

Guts releases the tension in his muscles and locks eyes with Casca.


  1. Rickert
  2. Judeau
  3. Pippin
  4. Casca
  5. Silat