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"Fugitives" is episode 42 of the Berserk manga series.


Two armored men look down at the hidden camp of what remains of the Band of the Falcon, now a small group of mercenaries and being led by Casca. They're not even numbering in the hundreds, and most members are injured. Casca is on the verge of passing out while examining a map when she is found by Judeau, who brings her food. A covert unit was sent into Wyndham, and Judeau tells her from them that Griffith is being kept in an old underground prison, and that screams and moans of pain are not uncommon things to hear coming from his cell. Over the past month, however, the noises have stopped.


Guts returns to save what remains of the Band of the Falcon.

Judeau assures Casca that she's trying her best, and tells her to eat then get some rest. He leaves, and before she can even put one spoonful of stew in her mouth, her eyes well up, she drops her bowl on the ground and she collapses on the table.

Judeau returns to Rickert, Pippin and Corkus, all of whom survived the onslaught outside Wyndham. Their conversation reveals that they're planning on breaking Griffith out of prison and then rebuilding the Band of the Falcon anew.

One of the men guarding the campsite is killed by a razor-sharp throwing ring. The two armored men, along with many others, are mercenaries led by Silat, who wants to test the supposed legendary strength of the Band of the Falcon. The commotion wakes Casca, who immediately assumes command and barks orders to the mercenaries. She comes face-to-face with Silat. They fight, but Casca's exhaustion combined with Silat's unorthodox fighting style means she can only evade. Eventually, he manages to pin her down, and orders her to concede defeat and call off the band members, or he will kill her. She remains silent, but before Silat can kill her, he receives a boot to the back of the head, sending him flying.

Casca looks up at her savior, Guts. He tells her not to be beaten so easily and smiles at her.


  1. Casca
  2. Judeau
  3. Pippin
  4. Rickert
  5. Corkus
  6. Silat