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"Fallen Falcon" is episode 39 of the Berserk manga series.


Griffith has been imprisoned in a dark dungeon, suspended from his wrists, wearing only his trousers and his beherit. The King enters the room with a whip. He tells Griffith how disappointed he is by his actions, having had high hopes for the young general. He uses the whip on Griffith, who makes no noise, and almost seems detached from the whole situation. The King continues whipping Griffith as he speaks at length about how he loves his impulsive daughter, and how he feels defeated when he compares himself to the scope of life, musing that, despite the war with Tudor having come to a close, further ones are sure to break out eventually. The King states that Griffith has stolen his only source of warmth in the world.


Griffith is left to be tortured for one year.

Griffith then understands why the King never made any wedding arrangements for Charlotte, deducing that the King harbors a secret lust for Charlotte and. Furthermore, Griffith explains to the King that his kingdom's prosperity was accomplished by him not failing regarless of how much of a burden it was to him, seeing the situation as worthless. Griffith's words cause the King to furiously whip Griffith until he is left exhausted. The King commands his torturer, a small, deformed man with a harelip and protruding forehead, to do whatever he wants with Griffith as long as he is alive for another year.

After ordering his guards to ensure the secrecy of Griffith's transgression to the point of killing those who spread rumors of his daughter's having sex with Griffith, the King leaves while telling Griffith that his ambitions have come to an end, as the Falcon has been grounded and will never rise again. The King then visits Charlotte in her room, his daughter having been sedated from crying upon learning of Griffith's arrest. The King looks over Charlotte's body, consumed by the thought that Griffith has seen and experienced every part of it. Trembling, the King unlaces Charlotte's gown so as to see her breasts. He is overcome with lust, and Charlotte wakes to the touch of her father's tongue to her nipple. She screams in terror and disgust. Meanwhile, Griffith sits alone in the dungeon, chained to a wall, again seeing the situation as worthless.


  1. King of Midland
  2. Griffith
  3. Charlotte