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"Beginning of the Endless Night" is episode 38 of the Berserk manga series.


Despite her initial surprise, Charlotte quickly succumbs to her desire, and she loses herself in the kiss. Griffith moves her to the bed, and notices her shaking. He instructs her to cast away all her fears and sadness as he removes her dress.


Casca holds Guts' old sword close to herself.

At their inn in Wyndham, Casca comes across Judeau, Corkus, Pippin and Rickert, and asks if they know where Griffith has gone. They reply that they haven't seen Griffith since Guts' departure earlier in the day. Despondent, Casca makes her way to Guts' old room and caresses the hilt of his old, broken sword.

Griffith and Charlotte have progressed into having sex. Charlotte moans in pleasure and ecstasy, but Griffith remains silent, thinking only of Guts' departure. One of Charlotte's handmaidens can hear noises coming from within Charlotte's room. She peers through the lock, and spots Griffith and Charlotte having sex. She runs from the scene.


Griffith touches the wound left by Guts.

Their coitus finished, Charlotte falls asleep from exhaustion. Griffith is still awake, with tears in his eyes, his hand touching the spot on his shoulder where Guts' sword lightly landed in their fight. Overcome with grief, Griffith hugs himself, curling into a ball.

The next morning, Charlotte awakes to an empty bedchamber. She calls out to Griffith, who doesn't answer. What she does find is the lodestone knight she'd given to Griffith before he left for battle; he's returned it like he'd promised. Charlotte peeks under her bed's covers, where she sees blood, the result of her loss of virginity.

Griffith escapes her room the same way he entered, but he doesn't get far, being quickly surrounded by guards. Outnumbered and unarmed, Griffith is forced to submit. The leader among the soldiers orders them to take Griffith away.

Charlotte is greeted by her father, who barges into her room. She puts up a front of ignorance, but the King notices the broken blood vessels on her neck and the rainwater on the floor. He yanks the covers of the bed back and spots the blood. Suddenly understanding the situation, the King looks at Charlotte and utters her name.


  1. Charlotte
  2. Griffith
  3. Casca
  4. Pippin
  5. Corkus
  6. Rickert
  7. Guts (Flashback)
  8. King of Midland