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"Is the Sleeping Dark Beast Just Standing Quietly?" is episode 374 of the Berserk manga series.


A fleet of Kushan galleases surround the Seahorse, subduing crewmen and passengers alike.


The Kushan galleases enclose the Seahorse unseen and launch ballista bolts to immobilize it and enable their troops to board from behind, capitalizing on the fact that a significant portion of the crew was engrossed in Schierke's ritual set against a gloomy night.

Serpico and Isidro are sitting together on the uppermost deck when a commotion catches their attention from the stateroom, which causes Serpico to command Isidro to head to the stateroom and figure out what's the commotion about. Serpico understands that the ship has been boarded by hostile forces, causing him to instinctively reach for his sword, only to realize that he had left his sword in the stateroom and is immediately cornered. Isidro then calls out to Serpico to drop down to the bottom deck by leaping over the ship's railing, which the latter does in a nimble manner. After reaching the bottom deck where the stateroom was situated, Serpico and Isidro see a Kushan hanging off the outer hull of the Seahorse and Isidro sends his foot flying into his face. Serpico and Isidro then see that the Kushan have already hemmed in everyone who was inside the stateroom.

Meanwhile, multiple Kushans invade the area adjacent to Guts' cellar, where Azan is sharing stolen foodstuffs with a couple of other members of the crew and comically attempts to cover it up.


  1. Kushan Empire members
  2. Puck
  3. Serpico
  4. Isidro
  5. Molda
  6. Iony
  7. Theuene
  8. Kukka
  9. Farnese
  10. Ivalera
  11. Magnifico
  12. Roderick
  13. Azan
  14. Guts
  15. Schierke
  16. Silat
  17. Tapasa
  18. Rickert