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"A Dying Light in the Pitch Black Night" is episode 371 of the Berserk manga series.


Aboard the Seahorse, Guts is entrenched ever deeper in despair. Elsewhere, Griffith and Zodd make their return to Falconia with a captured Casca.


Aboard the Seahorse, Schierke projects her luminous body to reach Guts in the ship's cargo hold, where she observes the depths of his growing mental anguish at his loss of Casca. She observes that his mind is inundated with memories of his Dragon Slayer and many of the enemies he has felled with the sword. Furthermore, she sees his reminiscence of Griffith and growing rancor toward such, culminating in the increasing mental manifestation of his inner darkness. Upon viewing an abstract image of Guts sinking into the deepest fathoms of his own despair, Schierke is taken aback to such an extent as to sever the astral projection of her luminous body.

As Roderick decides against entering the cargo hold, crewmen of the Seahorse notice the remnants of Skellig suddenly sinking into a massive vortex in the ocean.

Elsewhere in Falconia, several prominent Band of the Falcon members – Sonia, Mule, Irvine, Locus, and Grunbeld – gather at the port on the outskirts of the city in anticipation of Griffith's return. Flying down from a sky path of the World Tree, Zodd descends to the port, where the awaiting band members welcome his and Griffith's return. Upon stepping down from Zodd with Casca still in his arms, Griffith bears an evident smirk.


  1. Roderick
  2. Ivalera
  3. Schierke
  4. Puck
  5. Guts
  6. Rosine (flashback)
  7. Griffith
  8. Serpico
  9. Farnese
  10. Isidro
  11. Molda
  12. Mule
  13. Irvine
  14. Sonia
  15. Grunbeld
  16. Locus
  17. Zodd
  18. Griffith
  19. Casca