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"Fading Isle" is episode 369 of the Berserk manga series.


Following the abduction of Casca and calamity befallen upon Elfhelm by Griffith, Guts is left in despair.


Following Griffith's departure with an abducted Casca, Guts kneels in despair and fully realizes his inability to land even a single blow on his nemesis. The island of Skellig and domain of Elfhelm are in ruin, and the Four Kings of the World are briefly present along the remnant island's perimeter as the swarm of devourers abate. Aboard the Seahorse, Roderick and his crewmen begin throwing barrels and crates overboard for the people who found themselves adrift at sea during the calamity to float and wash ashore atop.

Suddenly, present creatures and individuals of an astral nature begin to fade away, to which Danan remarks that it is time for them to leave the Physical World. Just before Isidro can reach out to a panicked Isma, she fades away before him, leaving only her clothes. Shortly after, Danan herself and the astral creatures native to Elfhelm fully fade away as well, leaving only humans remaining on the ruined island. Still kneeling in front of the firmly planted Dragon Slayer, Guts is completely despondent.


  1. Farnese
  2. Schierke
  3. Ivalera
  4. Guts
  5. Puck
  6. Isidro
  7. Isma
  8. Flower Storm Monarch
  9. Kukka
  10. Iony
  11. Theuene
  12. Skull Knight
  13. Four Kings of the World
  14. Roderick
  15. Serpico
  16. Volvaba
  17. Gedfring
  18. Hanarr
  19. Skirbil
  20. Thraein
  21. Ginnar
  22. Puck's relatives