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"Devourers" is episode 368 of the Berserk manga series.


After an overflowing darkness devours Elfhelm and all of Skellig, the Black Swordsman Party must escape.


Dark beings repeatedly utter "Sacrifice" as they call out to Guts. Serpico and Isidro notice the dark beings appearing, recognizing them from their encounter in Albion. Amid the chaos, the Skull Knight appears, declaring that a vivid light has caused fissures across Skellig, releasing the original owners who supported the island. He advises them to flee, as these beings cannot be contended with by humans.

As the beings attack, Isidro retaliates, despite the Skull Knight's warning. Roderick, aboard the Seahorse, is informed by merrows of the crisis befalling Skellig and orders his crew to prepare to leave. The drunk Magnifico decides to stay on the island, believing humans should take root there, to which crew members stow him away.

Roderick's crew witnesses strange tremors. They encounter more of the dark beings, leading Roderick to command a retreat to the ship. The sailors are surrounded and panic ensues.

Guts watches in despair as Griffith flies away on Zodd with Casca in his capture.

Flying high above Skellig, Puck is bewildered by the unfolding chaos, questioning what is happening around him as the great cherry tree of Elfhelm and all of Skellig are devoured by the overflowing darkness.


  1. Guts
  2. Serpico
  3. Danan
  4. Isidro
  5. Isma
  6. Skull Knight
  7. Roderick
  8. Magnifico
  9. Casca
  10. Griffith
  11. Zodd
  12. Puck