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"Eye of the Maelstrom" is episode 366 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts unleashes a barrage of attacks on Griffith, but Griffith phases through them. Zodd intervenes and faces off against the Black Swordsman.


In a barrage of attacks with the Dragon Slayer, Guts attempts to strike down Griffith, but to no significant effect, as Griffith is almost completely intangible, except for a single small strand of his hair that is severed. Schierke, in her luminous body, observes Griffith's astral presence as an immensely powerful maelstrom pulling in everything around him. Farnese intervenes in her own luminous body, preventing a grateful Schierke from being pulled further into Griffith's astral maelstrom.

Though winded from his initial onslaught, Guts launches another attack on Griffith. High above the confrontation, Puck observes something fast approaching from the massive branches of the World Tree in the clouds. Shortly after, a transformed Zodd arrives in Elfhelm and intervenes by striking down at Guts, who narrowly dodges. With Zodd now standing between Guts and Griffith, the Black Swordsman and the Immortal stare each other down.


  1. Guts
  2. Griffith
  3. Schierke
  4. Farnese
  5. Casca
  6. Ivalera
  7. Puck
  8. Zodd


  • This episode was released together with episode 365 in a single Young Animal issue.
  • This episode was released after a nine month hiatus following Miura's death in 2021, during which there was much uncertainty as to whether Berserk would continue.