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"Lull of the Waning Moon" is episode 365 of the Berserk manga series.


Griffith's presence is felt by all astral beings of Elfhelm. Upon nearing Griffith, Casca is overcome with various memories and her Brand of Sacrifice bleeds profusely, inducing shock. Guts lunges to attack Griffith.


  1. Puck
  2. Isma's mother
  3. Casca
  4. Schierke
  5. Ivalera
  6. Guts
  7. Griffith
  8. Farnese (flashback)
  9. Isidro (flashback)
  10. God Hand (flashback)


  • This episode is the first of the Berserk manga series to be produced under Kouji Mori's supervision and with illustration done entirely by Studio Gaga staff who assisted and studied under Kentarou Miura.
  • This episode was released together with episode 366 in a single Young Animal issue.
  • This episode was released after a nine month hiatus following Miura's death in 2021, during which there was much uncertainty as to whether Berserk would continue.