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"Teardrop of Morning Dew" is episode 364 of the Berserk manga series.


With the Moonlight Boy's arrival in Elfhelm, the Black Swordsman Party enjoys extended time bonding with the child. However, the conclusion of the child's visit reveals a shocking twist regarding his existence.


Guts questions the reason behind the Moonlight Boy's arrival in Elfhelm. The child climbs onto Guts' back, sitting atop his shoulders. Guts returns with the child to his companions, where Schierke theorizes that the boy is the Flower Storm Monarch in an assumed form. This theory is quickly disproven when the Flower Storm Monarch, Danan, herself arrives. Noticing the Moonlight Boy's searching gaze, Guts asks his companions to take the child to Casca.

Upon being brought to Casca, the child immediately leaps into her embrace. Casca reciprocates, recalling their encounters when she was "Elaine" during full moon nights. Danan concludes that the boy is no ordinary child, possessing a pure Od similar to that of elves, and that his presence on Skellig indicates he harbors no evil intent. Danan further explains that the group's destiny brought the child to Skellig and notes the strong bond he shares with Casca and Guts.

The following morning, Danan and the Great Gurus observe the Moonlight Boy as he interacts with Casca, her companions, and the creatures of Elfhelm. They deduce that he behaves like an ordinary child and shows no ill will, though they decide to keep an eye on him. Elsewhere, near a waterfall, an unarmored Guts trains with his Dragon Slayer and tests his accuracy with throwing knives, but his deteriorated vision hinders his aim. The Moonlight Boy appears before Guts wearing the swordsman's Berserker Armor, and Guts briefly entertains the playful child before sending him back to rejoin Casca and the others.

At night, as Casca rests with the Moonlight Boy, she reflects on the sense of familiarity she feels toward him, recalling being saved by the Demon Child in Albion while she was "Elaine". This shocking recollection wakes her, and she notices the Moonlight Boy is no longer beside her. She finds him outside in the moonlit night, sitting unclothed with his back to Guts. As Casca rushes outside, Guts observes the boy's whitening, curling hair and sudden rapid maturation. A man's voice describes a dream of being a child embraced by nostalgic warmth and an extrinsic sense of longing upon returning to form. The matured figure turns to Guts, revealing himself as Griffith, shedding a single teardrop encapsulating the fleeting sensation he experienced, which he likens to morning dew.


  1. Moonlight Boy
  2. Guts
  3. Schierke
  4. Isidro
  5. Isma
  6. Serpico
  7. Puck
  8. Ivalera
  9. Danan
  10. Farnese
  11. Casca
  12. Kukka
  13. Theuene
  14. Iony
  15. Molda
  16. Puck's relatives
  17. Gedfring
  18. Ginnar
  19. Thraein
  20. Demon Child (flashback)
  21. Griffith


  • This episode is the last episode of the manga primarily illustrated by Kentarou Miura. What remained to be illustrated of the episode following the Berserk creator's passing was completed by his assistants who constitute Studio Gaga.
  • The Young Animal #18 magazine publication this episode was released in uniquely featured a Berserk-centric cover, rather than Young Animal's typical cover scheme of secondary published manga illustrations surrounding the primary centered shot of a Japanese gravure idol.
  • Following the release of this episode, Berserk entered a nine month hiatus, during which there was much speculation as to whether the series would continue after Miura's passing. On 7 June 2022, Hakusensha announced that the series would return on 24 June 2022 under the supervision of Miura's close childhood friend Kouji Mori and the assistants of Studio Gaga.