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"Leaping Monkey" is episode 363 of the Berserk manga series.


The Skull Knight visits the resting place of a lady he called his beloved in his mortal life. Isidro, along with Puck and his siblings, retaliates against the young mages of Elfhelm. Guts is met with the sudden appearance of the Moonlight Boy.


Guts concludes that the vision he witnessed was of the Eclipse and notes the similarities between himself and the Skull Knight. The Skull Knight takes the group to the resting place of his beloved, a lady known as the "Lady Priestess of the Cherry Blossoms", who Schierke notes shared a resemblance with Danan. After Danan arrives, the Skull Knight tells her he does not have the heart to dwell on his mortal days. Gedfring reveals to Schierke that Flora served the Lady Priestess until she was exiled from Elfhelm for violating a taboo after an occultation ceremony. Ivalera arrives to alert the others that Isidro is causing trouble back in the village.

Using the lack of gravity to his advantage and allying with Puck and his relatives, Isidro retaliates for the young mages' previous attack. Molda and the young male mages enjoy the situation, much to the chagrin of Kukka. Isidro and the elves are stopped by a kelpie that Isma tamed and promptly punished by the young girls afterward. Meanwhile, Schierke muses on the taboo her mistress committed.

Later that night, Guts is approached by Gedfring, who inquires about the swordsman's relationship with the Skull Knight. He states that the Skull Knight has long discarded his humanity, no longer being of their world, and tells Guts that he has two choices: to breathe the hellfire raging within him as sustenance or be consumed by it. Shortly afterward, as Guts swings his Dragon Slayer in discontent with Elfhelm's idleness, the Moonlight Boy appears before him.


  1. Guts
  2. Skull Knight
  3. Schierke
  4. Molda
  5. Gedfring
  6. Flower Storm Monarch
  7. Lady Priestess of the Cherry Blossoms (flashback)
  8. Ivalera
  9. Isidro
  10. Puck's relatives
  11. Kukka
  12. Iony
  13. Theuene
  14. Isma
  15. Casca
  16. Farnese
  17. Moonlight Boy


  • This episode was the last manga episode to be released before the death of Kentarou Miura.