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"Vision of Death" is episode 362 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts is shown a "blood memory" imbued in the Berserker Armor through which he witnesses the final moments of the previous wearer's life.


As the Berserker Armor takes hold of Guts, Hanarr chains down the swordsman. The blacksmith informs Guts that he shall observe one of the "blood memories" engraved in the armor — one depicting the final moments of its previous wearer's mortal life. Molda and Schierke arrive as Hanarr hits Guts' Berserker Armor with a hammer to activate the blood memory. Suddenly overcome by an illusive vision, Guts witnesses a surreal area with the Abyss in the background and observes Void and four strange beings amid a sacrificial ceremony. Schierke notes that the memory resonates with Guts' own trauma as he attempts to free himself before envisioning a dying woman in the arms of the armor's previous wearer. Guts notices the lady has been marked with the Brand of Sacrifice on her front right shoulder and observes another wide-spanning brand set alight across a nearby expanse of territory within the phantasm.

Schierke takes advantage of Guts' preoccupation with the phantasm to restore his mental state to normal. After Guts comes to, the Skull Knight states that what the swordsman witnessed was the end of a foolish king and beginning of a wraith wandering the endless night.


  1. Guts
  2. Hanarr
  3. Gedfring
  4. Skull Knight
  5. Schierke
  6. Molda
  7. Void (flashback)
  8. Four unidentified beings (first appearance; flashback)
  9. Lady Priestess of the Cherry Blossoms (first appearance; flashback)