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"Ravine" is episode 361 of the Berserk manga series.


Accompanied by the Skull Knight and Gedfring, Guts ventures into the depths of Skellig to meet the dwarven blacksmith Hanarr, creator of both the Berserker Armor and the Skull Knight's own armor.


On a seaside cliff of Skellig, Guts asks the Skull Knight why he has come to the island, to which the knight answers that causality has drawn him to the place. Guts mentions that the Skull Knight is being typically cryptic, and says that he managed to make it to the island in one piece in spite of the knight's previous advice. The Skull Knight cautions Guts to not let his guard down, for causality has yet to "converge".

Before Guts can inquire of the Skull Knight's warning, the two are interrupted by the arrival of Gedfring, who greets the knight as "Your Majesty" before correcting himself and addressing the knight by his present name of "Skull Knight". The Skull Knight presumes the mage is the son of someone named Vidd, to which Gedfring informs the knight that he and his father were indeed granted many audiences with the knight in his childhood, and that he is now a village leader on the island. A surprised Guts asks Gedfring how old he is, though Gedfring marks the question as meaningless for someone for whom time flows differently. Gedfring asks the Skull Knight if he will accompany them to meet the dwarven blacksmith Hanarr, creator of both the Berserker Armor and the knight's armor, to which the knight agrees, keen on having repairs made to his own armor.

Back in Elfhelm, Schierke struggles to take flight on a broom for her first time. Molda tells her she will learn much faster if someone flies her, and so takes flight with Schierke on her own broom. In their flight, the two see Gedfring, the Skull Knight, and Guts making their way into the depths of Skellig where the island's gloomier inhabitants reside. While tailing the three, Schierke and Molda meet an elder named Volvaba, Molda's teacher and "a master of curses and manipulation of departed souls" by Molda's description. Schierke introduces herself and informs Volvaba that she is Flora's pupil. Receiving directions from Volvaba, the two sorcerers make their way into the stone forest of the dwarves. As they depart, Volvaba ponders the coinciding arrivals of a pupil of Flora's and the Skull Knight, surmising that the prognostications of Elfhelm's gurus are coming true.

Schierke and Molda arrive just as the three they are following begin conversing with Hanarr. Hanarr wonders what business a mage such as Gedfring has in the stone forest, before welcoming the Skull Knight and addressing him as "king". The Skull Knight thanks Hanarr for his armor which has kept him in good health, though Hanarr likens the knight's "good health" to the rattlings of one in their coffin. Turning his attention to Guts, Hanarr is surprised to see the Berserker Armor again, and observes that Guts has used it extensively as its owner. Hanarr warns Guts that his ownership of the armor does not mean he has mastered it and that it may still possess and consume him as its host. Without warning, Hanarr wields his hammer and strikes the Berserker Armor with great force, causing it to activate and begin consuming Guts.


  1. Guts
  2. Skull Knight
  3. Gedfring
  4. Molda
  5. Kukka
  6. Schierke
  7. Iony
  8. Theuene
  9. Flower Storm Monarch
  10. Farnese
  11. Volvaba (first appearance)
  12. Hanarr (first appearance)