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"Morning of Departure (2)" is episode 35 of the Berserk manga series.


Griffith asks Guts whether he really means to leave the Band of the Falcon, which Guts confirms. Rickert pleads with Guts not to leave. Judeau tells him that Guts' decision is his own, and he has no right in stopping him. Suddenly, Corkus marches up to Guts' face and lays into him, telling him that he's always harbored a secret hatred of Guts, and has once or twice considered backstabbing him in battle. He comes to the conclusion that he doesn't like Guts due to his omnipresent scowl. He ends his rant by telling Guts that he could never compare to Griffith.


Guts says nothing to Casca as he attempts to leave.

Guts calmly thanks the band members for all the time he's spent with them. He looks at Casca, and thinks back on Judeau's words about her. He smiles, but doesn't speak. He only moves past her, fully intent on leaving. His path is once again blocked, this time by Griffith, whose sword is drawn.

Griffith reminds Guts that he won Guts' allegiance by winning in a duel, and he expects Guts to earn his freedom the same way. Guts halfheartedly wonders why they couldn't have parted with a simple goodbye, and draws his own blade, which glints in the early morning sunlight.


Griffith will not allow Guts to leave without reclaiming his freedom.

Casca puts herself between Guts and Griffith, urging them to sheathe their swords, but Guts tells her to back away. Griffith says nothing, but the look in his eyes betrays his determination to keep Guts. Pippin eventually comes to forcibly pull Casca from between them. She asks the others why they don't intervene, and Judeau calmly reminds her that, as mercenaries first and foremost, what is stolen by the sword must be retaken by the sword, and that it is not their place to interfere.

Guts watches the determined look creep over Griffith's entire face. He thinks back on Griffith's words to Charlotte on that night by the fountain, and Guts mentally reaffirms his decision to leave. Judeau, despite Corkus' thinking that Griffith will beat Guts handily, has recognized that his many stunts on the battlefield have honed Guts' skills so much that he and Griffith, who is not his usual, composed self, are evenly matched.


  1. Griffith
  2. Guts
  3. Pippin
  4. Casca
  5. Rickert
  6. Judeau
  7. Corkus