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"Barrier" is episode 359 of the Berserk manga series.


Danan finishes cutting Casca's hair short, and fits Casca with a new tunic and sword. Afterward, Casca reconvenes with her companions, and together they reminisce over their long journey, particularly over how Casca was in her regressed state. Casca thanks Farnese for having been a protective, soothing figure to her in her regressed state, and then thanks Schierke for getting the group out of a number of perilous situations. Isidro expresses his interest in Casca's swordsmanship, and Casca likewise ponders the competence of her strike, to which Danan summons enchanted straw dolls (formerly veykings) for Casca to spar with. Having retained much of her combat prowess, Casca swiftly dispatches the enchanted straw dolls, leaving her companions in awe. Isidro bows in acknowledgement of her skill, and the two engage in a brief sparring match using wooden swords.

Schierke and Farnese go to see Guts, who is hiding behind a tree nearby, having decided to avoid Casca due to the horrifying response he elicited from her before. Danan arrives and remarks that it is up to Casca to decide how to handle her deep wounds. Farnese is then spurred on by her memories of Casca's dreamscape to bring Casca to Guts. Casca tells Guts that he has made good friends, and expresses her surprise at him having taken a student under his wing in Isidro. When she likens Isidro's adeptness at fighting with two blades to Judeau, she is overcome with images of Judeau's last moments during the Eclipse, and falls to the ground in shock. Turning from behind the tree to check on her, Guts evokes in Casca the imagery of himself flanked by numerous apostles, to both his and Casca's horror. As a distraught Guts storms off and Casca is tended to, the Skull Knight looks on from afar.


  1. Flower Storm Monarch
  2. Casca
  3. Ivalera
  4. Schierke
  5. Isma
  6. Puck
  7. Isidro
  8. Farnese
  9. Serpico
  10. Nina (Image)
  11. Luca (Image)
  12. Azan
  13. Roderick
  14. Magnifico
  15. Guts
  16. Skull Knight
  17. Judeau (Flashback)


  • This episode was released following a four month hiatus.