"Triumphant Return by Dawn" is the 357th numbered episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentarou Miura. It is also the 50th episode of the Fantasia Arc.

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The battle between the Band of the Falcon and jötunn army comes to a close with Griffith's swift victory over the jötnar king.

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The king of jötnar falls after being pierced in the eye by Griffith's sword. The White Falcon then orders Sonia to telepathically send the image of the fallen jötnar king to all present on the battlefield, which terrorizes the remaining jötnar forces. The Band of the Falcon then commences a clean-up operation, slaughtering the remaining demoralized jötnar.

After the battle ends, Griffith reunites around himself the souls of fallen soldiers, much to the delight and comfort of the survivors. Sonia then informs Griffith that she has found an array of ancient stones atop a hill, which forms a portal that teleports the army along the skyscraping branches of the World Spiral Tree. They safely return to Falconia in triumphant fashion just in time for the morning sun.

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  • This episode's release followed after a two month hiatus.

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