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"Jötunn" is episode 356 of the Berserk manga series.


In the new world of Fantasia, the Band of the Falcon opposes a group of jötnar.


An army of jötnar march forward, having flayed, killed and eaten a number of humans and taken their goods (shields, houses, armors, religious objects, etc.) as war equipment. Griffith orders apostles to engage the jötnar directly and leads a charge of spearmen, while the human army of Falconia shoots the giants with cannon fire from afar. Amid the battle, Sonia telepathically warns a distracted Mule of an incoming boulder thrown at him by a jötunn, thus saving his life. The girl then informs Griffith that the leader of the jötnar is atop a hill on the eastern front of the battlefield. She adds that a path to the enemy leader is open, but also warns of an ominous od looming beyond the eastern hill. Griffith then travels the path with a group of band members and prepares to confront a larger jötunn.

The Band of the Falcon launches an assault on the leader of the jötnar. In response, the giant leader orders subordinate jötnar to bring a massive hydra to sic on the band members. Zodd engages the hydra, strangling and biting off several of its heads while from afar Irvine supports him, shooting arrows into the giant snake. The finishing blow is dealt by Grunbeld, who burns the hydra with his fire breath. Riding up and jumping off Grunbeld's back, Griffith leaps from his horse and pierces the right eye of the jötnar leader.


  1. Griffith
  2. Zodd
  3. Grunbeld
  4. Mule
  5. Sonia
  6. Irvine