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"Beneath Sun-Dappled Trees" is episode 355 of the Berserk manga series.


After years as an invalid following the Eclipse, Casca is restored to her former self. However, her reunion with Guts triggers within her a troubling reaction.


Schierke and Farnese wake up from their slumber shortly after Casca. Danan informs the three that only a day has passed in reality, despite the countless days elapsed in the realm of their dreams. Returned to her former self, Casca states that she remembers her surrounding companions and the feelings of the girl "Elaine", who is now asleep within her, before greeting and expressing gratitude to Farnese, Schierke, and Ivalera. Schierke asks her what exactly she remembers, to which Casca states that her experience as Elaine was akin to a dream – one in which she could only observe their journey in a trance, unable to think or feel. She mentions vague memories of her dreams, recalling going to free Griffith from the Tower of Rebirth, but unable to remember anything beyond that point. When Farnese asks Casca if she remembers Guts, Casca is moved to tears.

To celebrate the restoration of Casca's mind and seeming end to the group's long journey, Danan gifts Casca with an elfin makeover – consisting of a petaled dress, intricate adornments, and a braided hairstyle – in preparation for her reunion with the person she misses. Casca initially disapproves of the look and wear, mentioning that she is a warrior, but Danan states that she looks like a noble elfin beauty. Danan then informs the women that she has telepathically contacted Guts and asked him to meet them underneath Elfhelm's great cherry tree.

As the women leave the Corridor of Dreams and make their way back to the others, Casca begins remembering her treasured days as a Band of the Falcon member and the time as Elaine with increasing clarity, while also noticing a faint voice within her. Making her way to Guts underneath the cherry tree, the sight of the swordsman triggers within Casca an inundation of horrifying memories from the point she previously could not remember beyond: images of a ravaged, near-lifeless Griffith, her experience of the fifth Eclipse, etc. With the restoration of her most harrowing memories, Casca lets out a piercing scream.


  1. Casca
  2. Schierke
  3. Ivalera
  4. Farnese
  5. Danan
  6. Serpico (flashback)
  7. Isidro (flashback)
  8. Guts
  9. Griffith (flashback)
  10. Pippin (flashback)
  11. Judeau (flashback)
  12. Corkus (flashback)
  13. Rickert (flashback)
  14. Charlotte (flashback)
  15. Luca (flashback)
  16. Nina (flashback)
  17. Pepe (flashback)
  18. Fouquet (flashback)
  19. Lucie (flashback)
  20. Erica (flashback)
  21. Godot (flashback)
  22. Demon Child (flashback)
  23. Puck (flashback)
  24. Flora (flashback)
  25. Roderick (flashback)
  26. Magnifico (flashback)
  27. Azan (flashback)
  28. Isma (flashback)
  29. Moonlight Boy (flashback)