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"Awakening" is episode 354 of the Berserk manga series.


Schierke and Farnese experience Casca's horrifying memories of the fifth Eclipse, which ultimately condense into Casca's final fragment – a thorned heart. Returning the heart to Casca's restored doll, the nightmare ends and Casca awakes from her slumber.


The dangerous journey to restore Casca's broken mind is nearly complete, with the final fragment in the form of the Demon Child floating in front of Schierke and Farnese. The two are then met by Casca's experience of the fifth Eclipse, which horrifies Farnese. Schierke encourages Farnese to keep sight of herself, as Farnese begins feeling how Casca's mind was shattered by the events of the Eclipse.

Ultimately, Casca's memories of the horrific event condense into thorns wrapped around a heart – her final fragment. Schierke states the heart's shape is indicative of a curse, and suggests that what broke Casca was the unimaginable pain caused by her horrible memories and sense of self conflicting. The young witch is then reminded of the Skull Knight's warning: that what Guts wants may not be what Casca wants.

The Guts hound continues fighting the Femto-inspired bird monster to protect the sorceresses. Farnese notices that the miniature Casca is scared and pledges to drive away Casca's darkness as Guts did her own. With the black bird approaching to attack the group, Farnese puts the thorned heart inside Casca's coffined doll, causing the bird to disappear. Waving goodbye, the miniature Casca enters the now restored doll.

A light then shines within the dream, as the nightmare ends. In the real world, Casca opens her eyes in a daze.


  1. Demon Child (final fragment)
  2. Farnese
  3. Schierke
  4. Judeau (memory)
  5. Guts (memory and hound representation)
  6. Femto (bird representation)
  7. Casca (miniature representation and real world self)
  8. Skull Knight (flashback)