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"Main Cause" is episode 352 of the Berserk manga series.


Schierke, Farnese and the hound representation of Guts have arrived at Casca's final memory fragment, but before they can retrieve it, they are attacked by a large, black bird monster – noted to be the guardian of the final fragment and sovereign of the dream's demons – and other manifested apostle-like creatures. Schierke summons her elemental fetishes to defend herself and her companions against the monsters, but the group is soon overwhelmed and the black bird manages to grab Casca's coffined doll and the hound in its talons.

Once at a high altitude, the bird drops the coffin and hound with the intention of smashing Casca's collected memory fragments. A quick thinking Farnese is able to save the doll and hound by throwing Serpico's Sylph Cloak underneath them to cushion their fall. Upon landing, however the hound is wounded by the swooping black bird's talons, and it and the coffin are quickly encircled by the apostle-reminiscent monsters. Suddenly, the Berserker Armor flies out from Farnese's satchel and attaches itself to the hound, enabling the canine to properly combat its surrounding enemies.


  1. Schierke
  2. Farnese
  3. Guts (hound representation)
  4. Casca (miniature representation)
  5. Griffith/Femto (bird representation)
  6. Serpico (Sylph Cloak representation)


  • This episode reinstated monthly serialization of the manga.