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"Morning of Departure (1)" is episode 34 of the Berserk manga series.


Corkus exclaims that Guts is only in his current position thanks to Griffith as he adds that Griffith is an anomaly in that he's seeing his extremely ambitious dream become reality. Guts firmly stands by his own conviction, wanting to have and fulfill a dream of his own. Corkus tells Guts that only very few people are able to fulfill a lifelong dream and that, to him, an unrealized dream is "just a load of crap". When Guts asks Corkus whether he has something like that, Corkus leaves the tavern.

Judeau reveals to Guts that Corkus used to lead a band of thieves before joining the Band of the Falcon, and that Judeau himself, despite boasting superior sword and knife skills, has never been the absolute best at anything, and thus he decided to ride the coattails of Griffith's success. While Judeau doesn't understand why would Guts leave his knighthood and nobility behind in search of a dream, he admits that his initial assessment of Guts finding a place to belong among the band, which happened three years prior on the battlements of the fort the band rested at, was wrong.

Judeau hopes that Guts can find that something and concedes to see him off on his adventure. As they walk through Wyndham, Judeau asks Guts about the nature of his relationship with Casca. He's noticed how close they've become over the past few months, and he urges Guts to try his luck. Guts decides against it, considering her relationship with Griffith. Judeau explains that Casca can't be with Griffith: now that the war between Midland and Tudor is over, Griffith has no chance to prove himself militarily, and thus his only likely path to royalty is through princess Charlotte, who, after the deaths of both Julius and Adonis, is now the sole heiress to the throne of Midland.

Guts thinks back to the conversation he had with Griffith following their murdering of the Queen. Griffith had asked him not to mention that they're behind any of the killings to the other band members, wanting to preserve his idealized image for them.


Band members are intent on preventing Guts' departure.

Judeau continues, saying that everyone obstructing Griffith's path is now gone, and with the princess in love with him, it seems it's only a matter of time until Griffith fulfills his dream. He also adds that Casca's devotion to Griffith stems from his giving her a new start, a new life, and so what she harbors for him is less akin to love, and more like worship. Griffith, if faced with a choice of choosing Charlotte or Casca, would choose the former, the one capable of advancing his dream.

Guts tells Judeau that while he admires Casca, he is no good for her while she has her own eyes set on Griffith, and they leave it at that. Just outside the defensive wall of Wyndham, before Guts can even take a few steps, however, he's faced with the figures of Casca, Corkus, Rickert, Pippin and Griffith, who block his path. Rickert asks Guts if he doesn't like the Band of the Falcon.


  1. Corkus
  2. Judeau
  3. Guts
  4. Charlotte (flashback)
  5. Pippin
  6. Casca
  7. Rickert
  8. Griffith