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==Characters in Order of Appearance==
==Characters in Order of Appearance==
*[[Manifico de Vandimion]]
*[[Farnese de Vandimion]]
*Guts (psyche form)
*[[Hanafubuku]] (psyche form)
*Hanafubuku (psyche form)
*[[Casca]] (psyche form)
*Guts (episode 38)
*Casca (psyche form)

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Template:Chapter Passage of Dreams (?)is the three hundred forty-ninth episode of the Berserk manga. It is also the forty-second episode of Fantasia.


A party is held in Elfhelm. The inhabitants dance, firework are shot, while everyone gets drunk and enjoys themselves. Isidro and Isma are sitting with the witches and elves. Azan dances with other creatures, while brownies make sure Puck and Manifico do their fill of the work cleaning plates. Guts watches the cherry tree, when he's joined by Serpico and Roderick. They have a heart to heart conversation where they express their gratitude to each other. Guts and Serpico reflects upon their journey, in regards to Casca and Farnese in particular, and how their way of life has changed.

File:The first fragment found of Casca's memories.png

Meanwhile Schierke and Farnese follows the flower petals to a campfire, which they discover is a fragment of Casca's memories. Farnese remarks it's a Guts she doesn't know. They both sense the emotions Casca was feeling at the time: "bittersweet yet gentle... a curious sensation."

The image then turns into a piece of broken porcelain, which the hound picks up and returns to Casca's doll. Thus, a part of the doll is repaired in accordance with the laws of Casca's dream world. They realise that to heal Casca, they have to gather the pieces of Casca's memories scattered across the wasteland and mend the doll.

Suddenly, cloak monsters appear again to impede their progress. Schierke discovers two items in her purse that she brought from her own dream, a golem doll and an eye amulet, and uses them to fight off the monsters.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • This is the second episode in the monthly serialization that was announced with Gloomy Wastes.
  • The memory fragment shows a younger Guts from Campfire of Dreams.
  • The next episode [350] will be released in late May.

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