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Template:Chapter Bridge of Parting (別離の橋 Betsuri no Hashi?) is the 337th chapter of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. This chapter has not yet been officially translated into English by Dark Horse Comics.


With the mass over, Griffith, Charlotte, Sonia, Mule, and the Pontiff, in the company of a few guards, settle themselves in a gazebo, where they all enjoy drinking tea and eating cake made by Charlotte. The Pontiff compliments Charlotte's tea, and she warns him not to overwork himself during masses. He replies that he is only destined to die after he oversees Griffith's coronation. The conversation then moves on to Charlotte's upcoming wedding to Griffith, and Sonia suffers a drop in temperament, demanding cake from Charlotte so that she can feed it to Mule.

One of the nearby guards informs Griffith that a guest has arrived with Locus. Griffith turns to see that, indeed, Rickert has arrived, and is standing nearby on a small bridge that spans over a small stream. Griffith stands and moves to join Rickert on the bridge. Charlotte, Sonia, Mule and the Pontiff, having never met Rickert, do not know who he is. Rickert, however, recognizes Charlotte, and he deduces that she and Griffith are still lovers.

As Griffith approaches, Rickert begins to wonder what he should say; on one hand, Griffith has created a utopia for humankind to live in and flourish without fear. On the other, Griffith is the one responsible for the horrors of the Eclipse.


Rickert meets with Griffith for the first time since learning about the Eclipse.

Griffith is now standing on the bridge with Rickert. He asks the boy if he still wants to help him achieve his dream, despite Rickert now knowing about the Eclipse.


In response to the question, Rickert slaps Griffith across the face, to all the onlookers' shock. Locus and the guards move to apprehend Rickert, but Griffith raises his hand to dismiss them. Rickert reveals the shame he felt on the day that Griffith was rescued by Guts, Casca, Judeau and Pippin because he was unable to join them.

Rickert tells Griffith that, despite not being at the Eclipse and thus being unable to completely hate Griffith for sacrificing the Band of the Hawk, he still forged many swords and planted them on the hill outside Godo's house in their memory. Rickert extricates his old Hawks badge from his satchel and shows the insignia on it to Griffith; he points out that the symbol of the newly-formed Band of the Hawk is different from the symbol of the old one.

Griffith acknowledges the fact, but says no more. Rickert proclaims that the Band of the Hawk of which he is a part was led by the White Hawk Griffith, not the Hawk of Light. With that, Rickert leaves, and Griffith is left alone on the bridge.

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