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"Divine Right of Kings" is episode 335 of the Berserk manga series.


The next day, Rickert makes the arduous climb to Falconia's citadel. At its entrance, he presents the writ given to him by Laban to the guards, and he is allowed entry. As he moves inside, Rickert notes how hawk-like the citadel is shaped, as though it were specifically made for Griffith. He then runs into Owen (now the captain of the citadel guard), who, having heard of Rickert's arrival and status as member of the former Band of the Falcon from Laban, has come to greet Rickert in person.

Together, Rickert and Owen penetrate further into the citadel, and Owen explains that Rickert cannot meet with Griffith immediately since the latter is currently attending mass. Rickert's confusion at the statement is abated when he and Owen enter a large room full of people mourning their deceased loved ones, who lie in open caskets. The Pontiff is also in the room, standing on a dais. Owen explains to Rickert that the deceased are refugees who did not survive the trip to Falconia, and whose loved ones are now saying their last goodbyes.


Griffith is able to grant families a chance to say their last goodbyes.

Also on the dais with the Pontiff are Sonia, Charlotte, and Griffith. As everyone watches, Griffith summons the spirits of the people whose bodies lay deceased in the room. Though at first the spirits appear like small balls with tails, they fly over to their living family members and expand into the forms their bodies once had. Though they are together again, the dead and the living cannot speak to each other.

Locus appears behind Rickert and Owen, and Rickert ascertains that he is not human. Locus explains that, in seeing their dead loved ones, the humans in the room are seeing what lies beyond death - if the dead can come back, Locus surmises, then there must be an afterlife to accommodate them.

Griffith calls for Sonia to fulfill her role in the mass; she serves as the medium between the living and the dead, allowing them to speak to each other.

Locus asks Rickert if he is aware of the process by which kings come into power; according to Locus, a true king is given his rule by a higher power. While this is the case in many stories and fables, Locus says, these pale in comparison to the powers Griffith has been granted.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

  1. Rickert
  2. Owen
  3. Charlotte
  4. Sonia
  5. Griffith
  6. Locus