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"Paradise" is episode 333 of the Berserk manga series.


Irvine launches his arrow made of his tail hair, which successfully flies through the cockatrice's breath, into its mouth, and kills it. Rickert immediately has misgivings about the situation; he is both aware of and has seen apostles before, and he knows them to kill and eat humans. Irvine, an apostle, has just saved his life.

Overhearing other passengers in the wagon, Rickert learns of rumors that Griffith employs other apostles in the new Band of the Falcon. He begins to wonder what Griffith has truly been up to since his reappearance at the Tower of Conviction.


Rickert is no longer sure what to think of Griffith.

With Irvine's help, Laban's soldiers manage to move the fallen tree blocking the caravans' way, and the convoy resumes its movement. Rickert and Erica repair the broken string of their crossbow, but Erica notices that Rickert seems distant - he is deep in thought about Griffith. He recalls the day Griffith appeared on the Hill of Swords alongside Zodd, and remembers how Griffith had a familiar yet new presence. During the course of events following that day, Rickert had heard rumors that Griffith had been leading a new Band of the Falcon, but he did not investigate due to his responsibilities to Erica.

Rickert is brought out of his reverie when he notices that several harpies are closing in around the caravan to attack. Using his crossbow, Rickert kills them, and Laban wanders over to praise the boy's skill. Rickert recognizes Laban, having previously seen him on the battlefield during the Hundred-Year War. Laban, however, does not recognize the young Rickert, and is surprised to hear that the boy was once a member of the original Band of the Falcon.


The wing stones and, in the distance, the World Spiral Tree.

Rickert and Laban reminisce about the Hundred-Year War, noting that it seems tame compared to what's currently happening, as the convoy continues its way to its destination. It eventually emerges from the forest onto a plain, where Rickert notices several large, oddly shaped crystal formations littering the grassland. Laban explains that they are called Wing Stones, and that they serve to ward off evil.

Laban then points out the World Spiral Tree, glowing white, standing where Ganishka once was, with branches growing out. Rickert, Erica, and the other passengers in their wagon stare at it in awe.

The caravan continues along its way, and everyone notes how utopian it seems. Laban explains that the grains, trees and flowers in the fields around them are always able to be harvested, and many people believe the Spiral World Spiral Tree blesses them.

The caravan begins to approach its destination: Falconia, a place where, as Laban says, people can live their lives as people.


  1. Irvine
  2. Rickert
  3. Erica
  4. Griffith (flashback)
  5. Zodd (flashback)
  6. Laban