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"Covered Wagon" is episode 332 of the Berserk manga series.


Several caravans race through the forest, attempting to escape from attacking trolls. From inside one of the wagons, a young boy, Rickert, fires an over-sized crossbow that is similar in design to Guts' repeater, at the monsters. At his side, Erica loads the crossbow with new bolts. Rickert continues to fire bolts at the trolls, intending to save the refugees hidden in the other wagons. After continued use, however, the crossbow's string snaps. Erica promptly finds a chest full of sharp tacks and dumps it out of the wagon, where the trolls painfully trod on them.

Despite this, however, the trolls have barely lost speed. The wagons soon come across a fallen tree that blocks their path, allowing the trolls to catch up. Before they can strike, they are killed by several arrows fired off at once by Irvine, who is standing in a tree. From behind the caravan, Rickert sees an approaching force of soldiers and is shocked to see that they ride under the flag of the Band of the Falcon. The soldiers are led by Laban, who orders that any remaining trolls be killed.


Irvine fights off the cockatrice.

Rickert warns Laban and the soldiers that the caravan is being pursued by something other than trolls. On cue, the cockatrice emerges from the forest's darkness, resembling a gigantic rooster. The cockatrice uses its breath against one of Laban's soldiers; the soldier himself is completely paralyzed while his horse foams from the mouth and falls over. The cockatrice picks up the soldier with its beak, but before it can eat him, it is struck in the eye by an arrow.

Irvine leaps down from the tree and fires off another arrow, but it is knocked off-course by the cockatrice's breath. While Laban's soldiers move away from the breath, Irvine lets himself be engulfed by it, removing his hat and nocking another arrow. As he takes aim, he transforms into his Apostle form, now utilizing a much larger arrow made from his new tail hair. Irvine fires his new arrow directly into the cockatrice's mouth.


  1. Rickert
  2. Erica
  3. Laban
  4. Irvine