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"Call from the Deep" is episode 323 of the Berserk manga series.



The Sea God bursts from its island.

The crew of Bonebeard's ship revert to their tentacle forms as the Sea God extricates itself from within the island. Everyone on the Seahorse stares in awe at the creature, and Isma begins to cry as she realizes her home is being destroyed by the Sea God's movements. The Sea God creates a large wave that strikes the side of the Seahorse.

Guts is fighting yet more parasites near the Sea God's heart. Resembling the tentacles that make up the Sea God's whiskers, Guts has little trouble fighting against them. However, as he approaches the Sea God's heart, it gives out an enormous beat that literally knocks Guts back, and the parasites swarm him.

Isma Saves Isidro

Isma transforms.

The wave crashes against the Seahorse, and Isidro is washed off the deck. Isma strips naked and dives into the sea after him.

She reunites with him underwater and attempts to drag him to the surface, but she can see several tentacle monsters rushing up to them from below. As she kicks upward, Isma begins to hear a voice inside her head, one that commands her to say her true name. Isma utters it silently, and she is instantly transformed into a hybrid human-fish creature whose torso and head largely remain the same but whose legs become a tail. With her new powerful tail, Isma easily swims back up to the surface with Isidro in her arms.


  1. Bonebeard
  2. Farnese
  3. Schierke
  4. Ivalera
  5. Casca
  6. Serpico
  7. Roderick
  8. Isma
  9. Isidro
  10. Puck
  11. Guts