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"Booming Heart" is episode 322 of the Berserk manga series.


Isidro and Bonebeard clash, each wielding two weapons: Isidro uses Morgan's knife and the salamander dagger while Bonebeard uses a cutlass and his crutch. Bonebeard notes a marked increase in Isidro's skills since they last fought in Vritannis; the boy's training with Azan while at sea has paid off. As they fight, Isidro notices a small overturned wicker basket on the deck of the Seahorse. Snatching it up, he slams it onto Bonebeard's head and attempts to stab the blinded pirate in the head through it. Though Isidro misses his mark, he still manages to set the basket on fire thanks to his salamanders.

Impressed by Isidro's new skills, Bonebeard once again offers Isidro a job as a pirate. Isidro refuses, so Bonebeard resorts to using another of his secret weapons: a crossbow hidden in his crutch. Before he can fire, however, he is struck in the forehead by a divider thrown by Isma. Due to his being a tentacle, Bonebeard survives the attack.

Enraged, Bonebeard decides to pull out all the stops. He orders his entire crew onto the Seahorse in a last effort to kill everyone aboard it. Isma begins to throw provisions she finds on the ship into the mouth of the large tentacle controlling Bonebeard and his crew. Isidro watches her, and suddenly he experiences a moment of clarity; he lights a single explosive bomb and throws it into the tentacle's mouth, where it explodes. Bonebeard decides that he must retreat. His ship detaches from the Seahorse and, along with the sea slugs, sails away, back toward the island.


The crew of the Seahorse cheer for Farnese.

The crew of the Seahorse celebrate their victory. Isidro and Isma compliment each others' actions during the battle, and Roderick wanders up to the quarter deck to compliment Farnese's strong bulwark. The rest of the crew follow suit, cheering for Farnese. Serpico stares out toward the island; the final step in defeating the Sea God lies with Guts and Schierke.

Guts has killed the parasites which pervade around the Sea God's insides, and now wanders deeper into its body in search of its heart. The sound and pressure he feels of the Sea God's heartbeat is so strong that he can physically feel pain throughout his body. Eventually, Guts reaches the heart - the organ is many times Guts' size and is covered in eyeballs. As he attempts to approach it, however, the heart's beat suddenly becomes faster and more intense, and the Sea God begins to move. More parasites descend from above and the eyes on its heart begin to open.

On the Seahorse, the black-haired boy directs everybody's attention to the island. A large part of the sheer cliff bursts open, and the enormous Sea God emerges from it.


  1. Puck
  2. Isidro
  3. Bonebeard
  4. Isma
  5. Roderick
  6. Serpico
  7. Farnese
  8. Ivalera
  9. Casca
  10. Schierke
  11. Magnifico
  12. Guts


  • This episode's title is mistranslated by Dark Horse as "Booming Art".