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"Sea God (3)" is episode 321 of the Berserk manga series.


The tentacles and sea slugs have approached the Seahorse, but cannot touch the ship thanks to Farnese's bulwark. Roderick orders all cannons be fired at the monsters point-blank. The cannonballs rip through the sea slugs, who still cannot advance. An angry Bonebeard takes it upon himself to attack the Seahorse. Due to his ship's being originally of the physical world, Bonebeard is able to penetrate the bulwark. The Seahorse is rammed by the Captain Bonebeard.

Bonebeard moves forward with his crew. Though they are slightly weakened by the bulwark's power, they are still able to board the Seahorse and engage Roderick's crew in close combat. Isidro and Bonebeard are intent on fighting each other, and they are the first of each side to clash in battle.

E321-Cutting Stomach Wall-Manga

Guts swings the Dragon Slayer into the Sea God's stomach lining.

Meanwhile, Guts is still fighting off the isopod parasites, but the battle has taken them to a ship's mast. The combined weight of the parasites threatens to make the mast collapse, so Guts leaps toward the ceiling in a last effort to escape the Sea God's stomach. Guts slices into the stomach tissue that makes up the ceiling, and the Dragon Slayer is briefly wedged, leaving Guts hanging precariously above the sea of stomach acid. The Dragon Slayer soon comes loose and Guts begins to fall. However, the Sea God's stomach gases escape through the hole he tore, carrying Guts with them. The new area that Guts and Schierke find themselves in is home to yet more parasites, these ones resembling large, long-legged black spiders.

The crew of the Seahorse continue to fight against Bonebeard's crew. Serpico is able to slice them apart with his sylph sword, and Azan is proving capable of fighting against the monsters. Farnese entrusts Schierke's body to Casca and the black-haired boy, and uses her thorn snakes to bind several of Bonebeard's crew. Bonebeard himself is still engaged in battle with Isidro.


  1. Serpico
  2. Ivalera
  3. Farnese
  4. Schierke
  5. Casca
  6. Roderick
  7. Isidro
  8. Puck
  9. Isma
  10. Bonebeard
  11. Guts
  12. Azan