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"Tombstone of Flames (1)" is episode 31 of the Berserk manga series.


The nobles cheer for the Band of the Falcon members, the few remaining silent being the men with contempt for Griffith, the nobles Owen and Laban, and the Queen of Midland, who silently muses that Griffith's assassination is close at hand. In an empty corner of the room, Minister Foss is standing with two of his co-conspirators. Foss is visibly worried, but he assures his friends that he is well, when they ask.

Wine is brought out by servants. One servant in particular is odd in that his serving tray contains only one goblet of wine. He discreetly slips poison into it and serves it to Griffith, who accepts it. The King offers a toast to the Band of the Falcon, and everyone drinks. Moments later, Griffith collapses, seemingly dead.

This turn of events causes an enormous commotion in the hall. Casca and the other band members all hurry to Griffith's body, and Charlotte's legs buckle, and she falls to her knees, dazed. Owen and Laban order the guards to seal all the exits. Guts, who was already outside the banquet hall, has left the area altogether.


Guts' disguise.

The servant who slipped the poison to Griffith has also left the building. As he runs from the banquet hall on horseback, he comes across a mysterious cloaked swordsman in a large feathered hat, who removes the assassin's head in one quick swing of his large blade. As he adjusts his hat, the swordsman is revealed to be Guts.

Later in the night, after they've been allowed to leave the banquet hall, the Queen of Midland, Minister Foss and their accomplices celebrate the successful assassination in a tall, narrow tower in Wyndham. Despite their plan having gone without a hitch, Foss still seems quite agitated, which the Queen notices, but her suspicions are rebuffed by Foss. He reports that his underlings have disposed of the assassin, so their is no chance that their names will ever be made public. Foss leaves the building, claiming that he wants to survey the fruits of their endeavor. With him gone, the Queen thanks everyone present for their help in Griffith's assassination.

Their good spirits are cut short very quickly when thin plumes of smoke rise from the floorboards. After a brief investigation, the people inside the tower decide to evacuate; they make no progress as the door has been barred. Several of the Queen's accomplices grab the table they were previously sitting at to smash the door. Moments after the first impact, an explosion on the other side of it blows it off its hinges and incinerates everyone but the Queen and a couple others. She rushes to the window to signal for help, but there is only one person there to see her: Griffith.


  1. Corkus
  2. Rickert
  3. Judeau
  4. Pippin
  5. Casca
  6. Griffith
  7. Guts
  8. Laban
  9. Owen
  10. Charlotte
  11. Queen of Midland
  12. Foss
  13. King of Midland