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"Sea God (1)" is episode 319 of the Berserk manga series.


As Guts ventures deeper into the cave, he notes that the Berserker Armor has endowed him with enhanced night vision, and that the atmosphere within the cave is reminiscent of the Qliphoth. Unlike the Qliphoth, however, Schierke cannot summon the aid of Astral beings because of interference from the Sea God.


Guts ventures into the cave of the Sea God.

The tunnel-like chamber that Guts runs through opens up into a much more spacious cavern. At the opening is a large destroyed statue which Schierke suspects was built by an ancient culture of people. Guts leaps onto the statue, giving him a high vantage point into the dark abyss of the cave. Dozens of giant sea slugs appear from the water below along with Bonebeard's ship. Bonebeard welcomes Guts to the cave and declares that of all of Roderick's companions, he finds Guts the most interesting.

Bonebeard then says that the sea slugs are merely extensions of the Sea God itself, and bids Guts to peer through the darkness of the cave. Guts acquiesces, and through the darkness he finally sees the Sea God. Its sheer size is such that Guts cannot even see its whole body, but instead only its wide mouth. The Sea God lets out a low grumble, but this coming from such a big monster hits Guts like a gust of wind.


Guts leaps toward the Sea God, wanting to take it head-on.

Bonebeard orders the sea slugs to attack Guts. Schierke advises that Guts find a bottleneck near the cave's entrance where the sea slugs can be killed one at a time, but he refuses. Guts declares that he will leap into the Sea God's mouth, and immediately follows through with his proclamation, leaping from the statue and using sea slugs (and Bonebeard's face) as stepping stones to approach the Sea God.