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"Beast Warrior" is episode 318 of the Berserk manga series.


Farnese successfully summons all four Elemental Kings, and the bulwark is raised around the Seahorse. Farnese and Schierke awaken, and Farnese can hardly believe her own magical prowess as she stares into the sky, where an aurora has formed, signifying the Four Kings' presence. Farnese is suddenly bombarded with compliments from the people around her, but it is Guts' declaration that she is now the group's protector that moves her to tears.


Schierke prepares to prevent the Beast of Darkness from taking over Guts' mind.

With the ship safe, Guts and Schierke decide to set out. Schierke relays the news to Guts that she's sensed the powers of the Sea God and that facing it will require Guts to utilize the Berserker Armor's full power. Guts says that he trusts Schierke, and she tells him that she won't allow the Beast of Darkness to take over his mind.

Guts kneels, allowing Schierke to climb onto his back. At her command, he willingly allows the Beast to surface. Schierke summons her luminous body and attaches it to Guts' ego, drawing back the Beast's influence. In the physical world, Schierke's unconscious body falls off Guts and is caught by Serpico. The wolf's head helmet does not completely enclose Guts' head, and shapes itself into something resembling a regular helmet, like it did during the battle with Daiba in Vritannis. Guts confirms to the group that he is in control, and sets off with Schierke's luminous body to the Sea God's cave. Both Isma and the black-haired boy hear faint voices emanating from the sea.

Guts and Schierke have reached the entrance to the Sea God's cave, and Schierke can sense activity within it.