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"Full Moon (2)" is episode 317 of the Berserk manga series.


The flame-creature places its hand on Guts' chest, urging him not to forget who his friends are. Guts begins a mental struggle against the Berserker Armor, attempting to take control, but it fights back. When Guts gains ground, the armor's helmet recedes, but it clamps back down as it retakes control.


Schierke forcibly removes the Beast of Darkness' influence over Guts.

Guts' party, who are watching from the physical world, are informed of Guts' current predicament by Schierke. She decides that the time is right to once again make an attempt at helping Guts regain his sanity. She leaps onto his back and utters a spell, and the wolf's head helmet his forced to recede - Guts has regained control.

The situation having calmed, Serpico and Roderick notice that Guts has all but vanquished every sea slug and tentacle, and the Captain Bonebeard is nowhere to be found. The group then turn its attention to Casca, wanting to see what caused her to run off. With a shock, everyone realizes that the black-haired boy from the beach has reappeared. Only Schierke realizes that both instances of the boy appearing have occurred during nights with a full moon, the time when all magical energy is at its strongest. Guts, like he did on the beach, begins to suspect that the black-haired boy and the flame-creature are the same entity.

As Isma searches nearby rubble for a shirt for the naked boy to wear, she tells the group that he does not live on the island. Isidro turns to Roderick, asking if Isma, who lives alone on the island, can accompany them on the Seahorse. Roderick accepts, and, after a moment of stunned silence Isma also accepts the suggestion, eager to go on adventures.

Roderick moves to return to the Seahorse, which he intends to make quick repairs on so that the group can escape the island as quickly as possible. He is stopped by Guts, who claims that there is something that must yet be done: the tentacles' nest must be destroyed to prevent future attacks on the Seahorse. Isma informs the group that the nest is in the Sea God's cave. Schierke calls that everyone regroup on the Seahorse so that preparations can be made.

Back aboard the Seahorse, Schierke and Farnese sit on the deck, planning to summon the Four Kings who will protect the Seahorse from Astral creatures. Farnese is anxious at the thought of doing so since she only has minimal magic training, but she is reassured by Schierke, who says that since she must leave with Guts to destroy the tentacles, Farnese must protect the Seahorse. Farnese glances up at Guts, and she bolsters her resolve.

Both girls summon their luminous bodies and venture into the Astral world.


  1. Moonlight Boy
  2. Guts
  3. Puck
  4. Casca
  5. Magnifico
  6. Roderick
  7. Schierke
  8. Isma
  9. Farnese
  10. Serpico
  11. Ivalera