"Tentacled Ship" is episode 315 of the Berserk manga.

Synopsis Edit

The mere sight of a seafaring ship moving on land renders nearly renders Guts' party speechless. Bonebeard is aboard it, having returned to exact his revenge. He derides the group for having set foot on the island, which Bonebeard claims to have direct control over; he's had the villagers eaten and turned into tentacles for his use. As the ship itself sprouts tentacles and eye stalks, Bonebeard declares that he will turn Guts and his party into tentacles by having them be digested by giant sea slugs, which now crawl up next to the Captain Bonebeard and rival it in size.

Guts begins to lose control, and Schierke can sense that the Beast of Darkness' influence is taking over him. She pleads with Guts to remain calm until she can arrive at the village. Despite this, Guts is overcome, and the wolf's head helmet clamps down over his head. With his new raw power, Guts kills several tentacles and leaps onto Bonebeard's ship's prow.

Guts leaps once more, holding the Dragon Slayer straight out and sending its blade through a wooden wall into the ship's captain's cabin, stabbing the sea slug hiding inside the ship's head. A tentacle slams itself on Guts, apparently eating him, but he bursts out of its neck, killing it. Guts' leap is so strong that he executes a series of flips in the air, cutting away approaching tentacles until he finally impales the Dragon Slayer into a sea slug, splitting its head in half and killing it.

Schierke, Isidro and Isma have arrived at the village. While Isma and Isidro are more amazed that there is a giant ship on land and that sea slugs (which Isma calls sea hares) are attacking, Schierke is more worried about Guts, who still has not moved from the sea slug's body.

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