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"Human Tentacles" is episode 314 of the Berserk manga series.


Schierke receives an image of the attacking tentacle monsters through thought transference. She announces that she must return to the group, and Isma offers to show her a shortcut to the village.


Large tentacles have invaded the village.

Guts kills several monsters with a single swing of his sword, Serpico dices them with his sylphs, Farnese binds them with her thorn snakes and even Roderick is fighting against them. Guts and Serpico deduce that these many tentacles must mean that at least several of the bigger tentacle monsters are nearby and, sure enough, two of them rise out of nearby houses. One lunges at Guts, but he successfully evades them.

Serpico, on the other hand, finds that his sylphs are barely damaging the larger monsters due to their sheer size. The other monster charges toward Serpico, who dodges, but Guts remains in its trajectory. Guts kneels down and holds the Dragon Slayer steady, blade out. The monster's charge takes it directly into the Dragon Slayer's edge, and it splits itself in half.

Guts remains unscathed, but even more large monsters are approaching from the village's houses. The party regroups, preparing to face the second wave of monsters, and the Beast of Darkness begins to tempt Guts into using its power.

As Schierke, Isidro and Isma climb up to the village using Isma's shortcut, Schierke receives another mental image of the enemies Guts' group now faces. She tells her two companions that they must hurry. Suddenly, Isma notices something large climbing up the island's cliff face: the Captain Bonebeard.

Guts continues to fight against the monsters, using his Dragon Slayer in conjunction with his arm cannon. However, despite killing so many of them, yet more waves of monsters keep appearing, preventing the group from running back to the Seahorse, whose cannons would be able to keep the monsters at bay. Magnifico suggests that Guts use the full power of the Berserker Armor against them, but Farnese berates him for this; she says that the armor harms Guts as he uses it, and that Schierke is currently not around to draw Guts out of his rage once he finishes fighting.

Everyone's gaze is drawn to a ship that somehow drags itself across dry land toward them.