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"Moment of Glory" is episode 30 of the Berserk manga series.


On the eve of the Band of the Falcon's return to Wyndham, a banquet is thrown in their honor. Since the entire band comprises several thousand soldiers, a troupe of them appear in their stead. They are: Griffith, Guts, Casca, Judeau, Corkus, Pippin and Rickert. For the first time ever, the regular band members get dressed up to attend a formal party in the presence of aristocrats.

Of the seven, Griffith is easily the most at ease in the situation. Upon entering the banquet hall, he is swarmed by women who want to meet him. Once there is no room to get to Griffith, however, the other male members are also quickly surrounded and questioned. Guts in particular is admired for his defeat of Boscogn. He is soon overwhelmed and escapes from the horde of women still fawning over the other male mercenaries.

Also attending the banquet are Laban and Owen, who notice other noblemen staring intently at Griffith. They discuss how Griffith's legendarily swift rise in status is bound to attract people who want to prevent him from reaching new heights.

As Guts sits down on one of the benches lining the walls of the hall, he spots Casca who, like the men among the mercenaries, is swarmed by people of the opposite gender. She, in turn, sees Guts watching, excuses herself from her conversation partners, and rushes over to him, using him as a means of escape from the party.


Casca drags Guts to the terrace.

As Guts gazes at Casca, who sports a dress, she elbows his chin in response and drags him out onto the banquet hall's terrace, which is devoid of people. Outside, Casca comments that she's not used to dresses and asks Guts if her musculature (developed after years of fighting) makes her look weird in a dress. Guts assures her that she looks better than the females flocking around Griffith. He tells her that she should ask Griffith to dance, but she declines, fearing she'd step on his feet.

Casca begins to question Guts, asking what could have made him attend a formal banquet. He replies that the party is the fruit of what Griffith has managed so far, and he wants to see it with his own eyes. Casca asks if he is really serious, but, before he can answer, the crowd inside begins to cheer, welcoming the king, queen and princess of Midland to the ball. Casca goes to return inside, inviting Guts along with her, but he decides to stay outside for a while longer. Before she enters the hall, Guts calls out to her, but decides he has nothing to say. He thinks to himself that there is another reason he came to the ball, a reason the other band, with the exception of Griffith, aren't aware of.

Inside, the king of Midland formally addresses the crowd. He summarizes the hardships Midland has endured in the war, announces that Midland and Tudor have signed an armistice, thus bringing an end to the war, thanks everyone present for being an ally to him, and ends on the big news that he intends to award the Band of the Falcon in its entirety the highest ennoblement title, and a renaming to the White Phoenix Knights. Additionally, Griffith will be promoted from count to general of the White Phoenix Knights. Appended to this is the promotion of the unit commanders of the Band of the Falcon, who will all receive knighthoods and raised to the peerage.

The band members inside the hall are all stunned at the news that they will soon be nobility. Amid the cheering crowd, Griffith looks outside, sees Guts, and smiles warmly at him.


  1. Judeau
  2. Pippin
  3. Guts
  4. Rickert
  5. Corkus
  6. Griffith
  7. Laban
  8. Owen
  9. Casca
  10. Charlotte
  11. King of Midland
  12. Queen of Midland