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"Ghost Ship (2)" is episode 309 of the Berserk manga series.


The submerged ship that once belonged to Bonebeard moves toward the Seahorse and reemerges from the water while directly under it - Roderick quickly orders the Seahorse to turn to starboard (right), saving his ship from being capsized. With the ships being so close together, Roderick orders his crew to arm themselves for close combat.

Roderick's men stand ready on the deck of the Seahorse, but no attacks come. Roderick briefly wonders if Bonebeard's ship is deserted, but Schierke can sense a strange od, one that suggests that Bonebeard's entire ship is a single entity. Her suspicions are confirmed by Bonebeard himself, who has appeared on the deck of his ship in the company of a couple of his crewmen. Bonebeard and his crew's appearances have changed: they've taken on a sleeker texture like some underwater creature, and their pupils have become rectangular, like an octopus'.


Bonebeard commands tentacle monsters to fight for him.

Though he's changed in appearance, Bonebeard is still the same in personality. He recognizes Isidro, Schierke and Azan from the harbor in Vritannis and anxiously begins to gnaw at his own ship's bulwark, complaining about how they forced him out of the business of slave trade. In retaliation, Bonebeard summons many large tentacle-like monsters from beneath the sea, each of which possesses rows of spikes and large, vertically-oriented mouths.

One of the tentacle-monsters strikes, picking up one of Roderick's crew and swallowing him whole. Bonebeard gives the order, and the rest of the monsters begin their attack on Roderick's terrified crew. Isidro, Serpico, Schierke, Azan and Roderick step into the fray in order to help, but only prove to be minimally effective.

Three of the monsters' heads are suddenly sliced off: Guts has arrived, newly healed, armored, and ready to fight.