"Falconia" is episode 307 of the Berserk manga.

Synopsis Edit

Ganishka's body has twisted around itself, and the portal on his head has begun to grow what resemble tree limbs. The Band of the Falcon watches the scene in awe until one child gets his mother's attention and points to something at their back. The mother, along with everyone around her, glance at what the child pointed out.


A new city mysteriously appears near Ganishka's body.

The entire Band of the Falcon shifts its gaze from Ganishka to a new city which has sprung into being behind them. It appears to be habitable already: there are elaborate protective walls, buildings ready to be used as homes and ships, and a coliseum. The most impressive structure, however, is an enormous citadel located at the back of the city.

Foss recognizes that the city that has suddenly sprung into existence is the same one that long ago stood where Wyndham now stands. He and the nearby Pontiff, Charlotte and Anna all agree that the city does not even appear to have been made by human hands. The Pontiff finds this fitting of the location of Griffith's throne: he dubs the city Falconia in Griffith's honor.

The crowd members look up into the sky, where Griffith (in his human body) is once again standing on a flying Zodd's back. With a point of his finger, he directs them to enter the city, and they all break into a run for the main gate.

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