"Fissure" is episode 304 of the Berserk manga.

Overview Edit

The twice reincarnated Ganishka in conjunction with a space-tearing stroke from the Skull Knight's Beherit Sword open a portal to the Astral World.

Synopsis Edit

The Skull Knight only manages to slash at Femto's back once before he is forced to dodge an attack from Zodd, who arrives in Femto's defense. Femto uses his powers to manipulate the spacial tear from the Skull Knight's Beherit Sword, removing it from behind his back and holding it like a rope. He reveals that he had anticipated the Skull Knight's appearance, as the knight always surfaces at temporal junction points to oppose the God Hand.

Femto places the spacial tear over Ganishka's face, which gradually splits the apostle in two; Ganishka's twice reincarnated form, along with the power of the Beherit Sword, have opened a portal into the deepest layers of the Astral World.

The portal opens so widely that the enormous Ganishka's cranium is completely cavitated. Even the emperor's pseudo-apostle spawn fighting against the Band of the Falcon on the ground begin splitting open headfirst. Soon after, a massive explosion occurs and a white light emanates from the astral cavity atop Ganishka's skyscraping form.

Everyone stares in awe as the light sweeps over them, spreading outward from Ganishka.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

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