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"Soaring" is episode 302 of the Berserk manga series.


Griffith amasses all his soldiers into one long line and leads the charge directly toward the monsters. However, in the heat of the battle, nobody's noticed that Ganishka himself has finally arrived. With one gigantic foot, he stomps down on the soldiers in the center of the line.


Griffith and Zodd (and Rakshas) fly up to Ganishka's head.

Only two people under Ganishka's foot narrowly escape. Bursting from the kicked up dust, Griffith, standing on Zodd's back, flies up into the sky to reach Ganishka. Zodd dodges the dozens of flailing arms as he ascends, and eventually he and Griffith land safely atop Ganishka's gigantic cranium. Unbeknownst to both Griffith and Zodd, Rakshas has hidden himself in Zodd's wing.

Griffith dismounts from Zodd's back and walks into the middle of a small concave section of Ganishka's head, Griffith is able to find what remains of Ganishka's human body - half of the Kushan Emperor's face.


  1. Griffith
  2. Grunbeld
  3. Locus
  4. Irvine
  5. Sonia
  6. Ganishka
  7. Silat
  8. Tapasa
  9. Owen
  10. Laban
  11. Mule Wolflame
  12. Charlotte
  13. Anna
  14. Pontiff
  15. Foss
  16. Zodd
  17. Rakshas