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"Medium of the Falcon" is episode 300 of the Berserk manga series.


Ganishka continues his hellish march toward the Band of the Falcon while Griffith's apostles hold off the tentacled monsters.

Sonia addresses the terrified human fighters, yelling that they shouldn't be suspicious of the apostles solely due to the fact that they're monstrous in appearance. She points out that the apostles are currently the only people fighting against Ganishka's monsters, and are actively protecting the humans. Sonia ends her speech on the note that whether the apostles are human or not does not matter because they are allied with Griffith.

Sonia charges forward on her horse, running directly toward the nearest monster. Though she is outclassed, with Mule fearing that she'll be killed, a single arrow is driven into the monster's body. The arrow instantly grows 'branches', which spread throughout the monster's body, killing it. The dead beast falls directly onto Sonia's horse.


Irvine's Apostle form.

Sonia herself has been saved by Irvine, who has assumed his apostle form. He teases Sonia about her lack of being able to realistically go toe-to-toe against the monsters, but he points out that Sonia's speech seems to have successfully inspired the Band of the Falcon, who now cheer for her.

Griffith addresses the cheering masses. He explains that while his Apostles are strong, they will not be enough to fight back against the entire force of monsters. He orders his troops to position themselves so that they lure the monsters that get past the war demons into a single area so that they can be killed by volleys of cannon and arrow fire.

Following their orders, the humans are able to kill several monsters after damaging them sufficiently. Attacking as units, they successfully drive the monsters back a few paces.


  1. Ganishka
  2. Sonia
  3. Mule Wolflame
  4. Anna
  5. Charlotte
  6. Owen
  7. Laban
  8. Pontiff
  9. Foss
  10. Irvine
  11. Griffith