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"Triumphant Return" is episode 29 of the Berserk manga series.


Minister Foss is meeting with five cloaked men, his allies in a conspiracy, to discuss Griffith's steady rise in status in Midland. According to Foss, the king of Midland plans to award Griffith the title of general and also elevate the Band of the Falcon to the same status as the most highly regarded soldier regiments in Midland. They conspire to assassinate Griffith by way of antiaris poison slipped in his goblet during the celebration of his promotion. Those around Foss fear that the plan will fail, but the queen of Midland, who until this point nobody but Foss knew was present, guarantees that she will personally see to it that Griffith is killed should their plan fail.

As the queen converses with Foss' co-conspirators, Foss thinks to himself. Though he was aware of certain confidential information regarding her majesty, he was not expting the Queen herself would involve herself in the conspiracy. The queen also looks back on the previous chain of events which led her to joining Foss' plan. She, despite being married to the king of Midland, had a passionate love affair with his brother, Julius. Foss told her of his suspicions that Julius was assassinated by Griffith, and this, along with Foss' friends being nobles whose positions are threatened by Griffith's meteoric rise in status, has provided Griffith with many enemies. The meeting ends with Foss bidding his co-conspirators to sign a blood-oath.

Manga E29 Triumphant Return

The Band of the Falcon's victory at Doldrey is celebrated in Wyndham.

In the streets of Wyndham, the Band of the Falcon are being warmly greeted by the citizens of Midland, who celebrate their victory at Doldrey. While most of the band members revel in their new-found fame, Guts is lost in thought. He is quickly brought back down to Earth by Gaston, who muses that three years ago, the mercenaries never would have dreamed of such treatment. Guts attributes their success to Griffith, thinking that only he could advance an impossible goal as far as he did. Griffith does not notice princess Charlotte calling down to him from her balcony.

The queen of Midland, Foss and his co-conspirators are also watching Griffith from a high balcony. According to Foss' colleagues, everything is set up for Griffith's demise. A guard enters the room and presents Foss with a letter, which Foss reads privately. The contents seem to severely frighten him, and the Queen asks him if everything is all right. Composing himself, Foss responds that he is fine, but he turns to leave, boiling with anger directed at the letter's sender.


  1. Foss
  2. Queen of Midland
  3. Julius (Flashback)
  4. King of Midland (Flashback)
  5. Griffith
  6. Judeau
  7. Corkus
  8. Rickert
  9. Pippin
  10. Casca
  11. Guts
  12. Gaston
  13. Charlotte


  • The vignettes featuring a showing-off Corkus are captioned as "Hulk Hogan" ("ハルク・ホーガン", in Japanese), noting how the mercenary emulates the mannerisms of the real-life wrestler.