"Unleash Evil" is episode 298 of the Berserk manga.

Overview Edit

Crushed Kushan soldiers are reanimated as Ganishka's spawn and advance towards the Band of the Falcon. In response, Griffith has the members assume an echelon formation and orders the war demons to unleash their true might.

Synopsis Edit

The pools of Kushan soldiers crushed by Ganishka begin to stir. Emerging from them are large, tentacled spawn bearing Ganishka's twice transfigured visage and leaking blood from their orifices. They set about eating the few Kushan who've survived being toppled by the mindless emperor.

Witnessing the advancing spawn from a distant hilltop, the Band of the Falcon members turn to Griffith in search of guidance. He orders them to assume an echelon formation, and asks the Midland volunteers to protect the pontiff and citizens of Wyndham. He then asks Sonia to remain behind with the pontiff and Charlotte, and Mule to personally protect the three.

Manga E298 Unleash Evil

Griffith orders the war demons to unleash their full power.

Turning back to the battle, Griffith orders the war demons forward, and they assume their positions in a protective wall between Ganishka's spawn and the rest of the band. Griffith then commands them to "unleash evil"; the war demons assume their true apostle forms and begin to engage the tentacled monsters.

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