Template:Manga Episode Infobox Giant God of Blindness (盲目の巨神 Mōmoku no Kyoshin?) is the 297th episode of the Berserk manga series, written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura



Ganishka spits fire on his own men.

Ganishka continues his slow march towards Griffith, trampling over anyone in his path. Daiba appears next to Ganishka's face, riding the Garuda, and he pleads with him to stop killing their own men. The Kushan emperor only sees Daiba as a small bug and, in an attempt to rid himself of the pest, he breathes fire from his many mouths. Daiba dodges with attack, but the enormous fireballs rush towards the ground and burn vast stretches of land and Kushan soldiers. This act makes Daiba realize that Ganishka is no longer himself.

Ganishka is not aware what the ramifications of his being granted more power are. He looks around in search of Daiba and his army, completely unaware that he's attacked the former and nearly annihilated the latter. Additionally, he does not remember his own identity. In his search for his countrymen, Ganishka continues his destructive rampage.

Ganishka's vision is plunged in darkness due to his being so tall that his head is hidden in the dark clouds. He looks around, calling for anyone to find him. He then sees a point of light in the distance, which grows in size until he can clearly make out its source: Griffith, atop his horse and with two enormous white wings. The sight reminds of his ultimate goal, and he actively begins to walk towards the White Hawk.

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