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"Roaring Heavens" is episode 296 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts and his party have begun to enjoy their time on the Seahorse. Isidro and the helmeted Azan practice their swordplay, Serpico relaxes in the crow's nest, and Schierke continues to teach Farnese to use magic. Seeing Farnese's progress, Schierke proposes they move on to something more challenging for Farnese to do. Suddenly, Schierke senses that something is amiss.

At the ship's stern, Puck attempts to fish using a small wedge of cheese as bait while Ivalera and Casca watch. Unsuccessful, Puck rummages through Guts' satchel in search of something larger to use as bait: the Beherit. Seeing what Puck wants to attempt, Guts forces himself out of bed and demands that the Beherit be returned, but Puck refuses. Their gaze is drawn to the Beherit when it inexplicably rearranges its facial features.

Guts also sees that Casca is clutching in pain at her Brand of Sacrifice, and he, too, feels an odd sensation emanating from his own. Schierke and Farnese discuss the sensation that they both now feel, and Schierke likens it to the world being split apart.


Ganishka is hundreds of times taller than the buildings in Wyndham.

Meanwhile, in Wyndham, Ganishka has grown impossibly tall. The tallest towers of Wyndham are dwarfed by his pillar-like feet. Outside the city's walls, the Kushan have begun to bow and supplicate before their transformed emperor. Looking down on them, Ganishka sees them as no more than insects. Beginning to move, Ganishka steps forward, crushing his own army and stepping clear out of Wyndham's walls in a single step.

Ganishka's height is such that his head is literally hidden by clouds. He walks directly toward the Band of the Falcon, crushing his own army as he moves. Silat and the Tapasa watch the events unfold from a great distance away, not in Ganishka's intended path. From his vantage point, Silat can see that Ganishka is walking directly toward Griffith, and he wonders if Griffith intends to fight against the hulking giant.

Many Midlanders in the Band of the Falcon turn to the Pontiff for reassurance. He says that the monster Ganishka has become the embodiment of darkness and will be dispelled by the Falcon of Light. He bids them to watch as the miracle unfolds. The Midlanders all turn back around to look at Ganishka.

Griffith is the only one who is unperturbed by Ganishka's monstrous appearance. He sits calmly atop his horse at the head of the Band of the Falcon, watching the Kushan emperor approach.